2018 Moxie Festival Theme Announced…

Lisbon’s Moxie Festival Committee announced the theme for the 2018 Moxie Festival, “Moxie Through the Decades.”

Tracey Steuber, Lisbon’s Economic Development Director and the Festival Coordinator, said the theme decision was a recommendation made by the committee.

The 2018 theme keeps with the town tradition of having a festival theme that both contains the word “Moxie” and inspires creative parade floats, t-shirts, and gear.

Steuber said this year’s theme was also inspired by a desire to celebrate the long history of the iconic New England soft drink that dates back to 1884 as well as honor the work of past festival committee members.  Steuber said “if you consider how long Moxie has been around, this theme really covers a lot of ground.”

The Moxie Festival, three days of wicked cool events, is always the second weekend in July.  Mark your calendars for the 2018 Moxie Festival, July 13 – 15, 2018.


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