Moxie in Yankee Magazine

“While the taste of Moxie soda is memorably distinct, there are many who point out that if you’re trying it now for the first time, you’re still not getting the “original” Moxie experience. They say it’s not as carbonated as it used to be, or as bitter (which is a bad thing). This could be changing palates or the loss of sassafras…but it could also be the high fructose corn syrup instead of sugar.

But like it or not, it’s ours and has been for more than 130 years. Now that’s something to drink to! Here’s to another century of Moxie!”

Thanks to Yankee Magazine for this 2022 reprint of their article, “Ode to Moxie Soda, Maine’s Favorite Drink.” Read it here.

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