2017 Chugging Challenge Contest Rules



Join the contestants and crowds on Saturday, July 8, 2017 at 1 pm at Miller’s Variety – Lisbon’s Moxie Connection on Route 196 (two blocks from Main St. & Route 196)






The Moxie Chugging Challenge is not for the faint of heart or esophagus. If you can’t hold your Moxie, this is not a challenge for you. If, however, you aspire to gastronomic greatness, the cheers of amazed crowds, and the title of “Moxie Chugging Challenge Champion,” here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Be one of the FIRST FIVE CHUGGERS to arrive at Miller’s Variety’s “Chugging Challenge” stage at 1 p.m. on Saturday, July 8, 2017 or Be one of the FIRST TWO CHUGGERS FROM OUTSIDE NEW ENGLAND.

2. Pay the $5 entry fee.

Assuming you are one of the FIRST FIVE CHUGGING CONTENDERS OR THE TWO FROM OUTSIDE NEW ENGLAND, here are a few additional rules:

1. You will receive a 12 pack of Moxie for chugging purposes. No bottles of any size are allowed.

2. You will be side by side with your fellow contenders; you will each have a bucket in front of you. This is for empty Moxie cans only.

3. A judge will call “Time” and chugging will begin.

4. You will completely consume the contents of each can before a new can is opened.

5. You must use the flip top of the Moxie can with your fingers (no knives or other can openers).

6. You may chug your Moxie using any preferred method. 

7. Half-finished cans will be counted as half-finished cans.

8. You will place all your empty cans in your bucket for counting.

The contender who consumes the most Moxie at the end of 2 minutes will be declared the “MOXIE CHUGGING CHALLENGE CHAMPION.” The final determination and Moxie can count will be certified by the judge.

Any contender who cannot “hold” their Moxie will be immediately disqualified and asked to vacate the Moxie Chugging Challenge area.

Translation: Vomiting is not a strategy. It’s grounds for elimination.

First place winner will receive a trophy. All contestants will receive an additional 12-pack of Moxie.


If you have any questions about the Moxie Chugging Challenge, e-mail Deb Wagner at debwagner@gwi.net or call 207-992-8997.

Sponsored by Miller’s Variety – Lisbon’s Moxie Connection





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